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What is RSS

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a family of XML file formats used for web-site content distribution. The RSS feed provides short descriptions of web content and links it together with the full version. RSS is a widely supported format because feeds are updated automatically, which allows readers to keep up with sites that interest them, and promptly respond to new information.

The StockENews RSS feeds are based on the news stories submitted on our site. We actively seek out a wide range of affiliate internet sites so that the broad spectrum of news we host can be disseminated in a comprehensive manner.

StockENews provides RSS newsfeeds in two different formats. Web sites that have built-in RSS aggregator software and personal desktop RSS news readers require only a hyperlink to a source that produces the RSS XML format file. News aggregators and readers consume this XML-formatted data and handle all the details of presentation through a web site or within the news reader. To see a list of currently available hyperlinks that offer this click on the Aggregator link below.

If you have a web site, on which you would like to display the StockENews RSS feed, but your site does not have aggregator software to render the feed, you can still receive our RSS news feed. When you click on the Copy and Paste link below, you will see our available formated news feeds. You can specify the look and dimensions of the feed as you would like it to appear on your web site. After making a couple of simple settings, you simple copy the HTML code that is produced into your web page.

We also provide a gallery of different display styles for StockENews RSS feeds that you can choose from. To see these available styles, click on the Gallery link below.

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